Who we are


We're a team of ex students who have come together to build a centralised cleaning platform. Having gone through the problems many of you reading this may have gone through before, we wanted to make a difference & support you in not having to go through that again.

We source & provide the best cleaners around, offering you a service at a price you won't find anywhere else* as well as our cleaners 182% above minimum wage, providing value for both sides of the party. Our use of technology and scales of economy has allowed us to pass savings onto our customers & increased wages onto our staff.


Our approach to charitable investment is based around three pillars: educating young people to be aware of the importance of utilising resources, supporting communities who are in need of the every day luxuries we are a custom too & enabling you as a customer to know that you're not only getting a service you require, but your money is going towards those who need it most.

Each year we support a new charity, stay tuned to hear more about how by booking with The Student Cleaning Company, you can have a Clean House, Clean Conscience & Clean Mind.