Our Services

We support students every step of the way and we're aware one shoe doesn't fit all & not every property is the same. Our services are tailored to your needs providing the right service, just for you.

On top of this, we provide a 'Proof of Clean Certificate'. Most contracts require an end of tenancy clean, so this certificate allows you to show you've complied with the contractual requirements set by your letting agency. This not only protects you as a tenant, but it also allows peace of mind to the landlord & agents that the property is now safe, clean & ready for the new tenants to move into.


Coming prepared with & educated in all the necessary equipment needed to complete the job, we're here to take the heavy lifting off you.

Moving out is hard enough, our platform is built on the foundations of making this process as simple as possible for you, the tenant. 

We also know that it's often hard getting the money together, often sharing with people who aren't from the same family. We give you 28 days after booking to make your payment, giving you time to collect the money together from your housemates.